Located in Monroe, Wisconsin.

I am a wife and stay at home mother of a beautiful daughter.  I haven't had any schooling and am self taught.  I can not say I have always been into "photography".  My parents always took a lot of pictures when we were little and I always love looking back on those pictures and remembering those moments, laughing at the crazy trends and crazy things we did as children (we were wild).  My sisters and I have carried on the "picture taking" and always took a ton of pictures on holidays and family get together's.  When my daughter was born in Dec. 08, my crazy over taking of pictures began.  I took hundreds of pictures of her every month so I can remember what she looked like and was she was doing as she grew.  I do not have a photographic memory so I rely on these images to remember these moments.  In January 2011 my hubby bought me my first DSLR and it was love at first shot.  I started getting into the real photography world, spending hundreds of hours studying and practicing to perfect this art.  I am still new, but I am hoping to have my own business someday.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me.