Session Info

I will only be booking 1 session a week.  Sessions can be booked on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday evenings only.  Please contact me for available dates.

Your Session with Candid Impressions Photography
  • Sessions will typically last a half n hour to an hour.  Family sessions can only be done outside (weather permitting).  Children sessions can be done at the location of your choice or in my home studio.  My home studio will only fit 1-2 children. Sorry no families at this time.  
  • I am more than happy to work with any ideas, such as themes or props. Feel free to bring as many outfits as you would like. You may also bring any special items such as you childs favorite toy, doll or something special to them. But please remember that not everything works and to trust my judgement.
  • If children are involved please remember to choose a time of day that your child tends to be in a good mood (not right before nap time or before meal time).  A parent must always be present during the photo shoot.
  • Newborn sessions may take anywhere from 2-4 hours.  The session will need to be booked prior to babies birth and I would prefer the baby to be between 5-14 days old.  More information upon booking.  
Need a little wardrobe help?
  • I LOVE COLOR!!!  It really makes your photos pop.  You can be a little creative and mismatch.  Find a pattern (maybe a shirt, leggings, hat, scarf) and pull the colors from the pattern and have each person wear a color. 
  • Don't wear clothing with big logos.  This can date your photo. 
  • Don't all wear the same color bottoms and tops.  Try not to all wear black, white or blue. 
Your fully edited pictures will be available within 2 weeks from your session.  If you have further questions please check my contact informtion.